name edward boucher birthday + age 00/00/0000 + 42 birthplace san francisco, ca previous residence new york city occupation con artist status single/divorced
Nancy Boucher always wanted a baby boy. Her relationship with her husband had been in a downward death spiral for some time, and she thought having a baby would save their marriage. When Edward was born with big blue eyes, full of wonder and just like his old man's, she fell in love all over again. His cute and sweet little face would have people falling all over themselves around him from the get-go. But of course, Nancy's efforts were ultimately futile.

Eddie's memories of his father are severely lacking; he left when Eddie was still very young. However, what the boy did remember was how his father treated his mother. The physical abuses were more easy to pick out than the emotional and psychological, but such patterns of behavior were acted out in front the young impressional boy and unconsciously absorbed. Slowly and insidiously, they became template for romantic relationships for the rest of his life.

The first time Eddie was told he was a mistake, he was five years old. It didn't help that for every fight she used to get into with Eddie's old man, she would displace her anger for her husband onto her son and this instance was no different. In a heated moment, she shouted that she should have aborted him and hadn't only because of her devote Catholic upbringing. Not that Eddie understood what that word meant at that age, but he had a feeling it wasn't anything good by the way his mother spit it at him with such vitriol. Yet she was his ma and he believed her. Her love was coldly punishing and it had a way of turning her son's bright blue eyes dull. This also left him with a particular view of women that only added to his psychological makeup.

Shortly after his father's departure, Eddie and his mother picked up from his birthplace of San Francisco and relocated together to New York City. It was here that he fell in under the tutelage of Walter Harris. Through his association with the con man, he also got to know his daughter Faith. They worked a few jobs together before she moved away for college. After that, Eddie began perfecting his craft solo. He became especially good at the long con with women, winning them over and tricking them out of vast sums of money.

One of these targeted victims was Jasmine. Theirs was a passionate whirlwind of two years. The length of time in and of itself was telling. He was usually much quicker about securing his objective; a mere handful of months to get in and get out before the woman even knew what hit her and then he was in the wind. If Eddie were being honest with himself, his relationship with Jos got him more caught up than he would like to admit. He was always emotionally manipulative, the king of mind games, but he'd never laid hands on a woman until he was with Jos. Something about her drove him out of his usual cool and collected state of mind, his carefully crafted persona falling apart in tatters with her. He found himself insanely jealous and absolutely obsessed when it comes to her.

When he finally got out of that mess, he felt it was best to leave the Big Apple and took his show on the road.

cv tie-ins FACTS
☠ Same first name and last initial
☠ Both were born in San Fran before relocating to NYC
☠ Both were brought up Roman Catholic by cold, unloving single parents
☠ Both exhibit mental instability
☠ Multiple divorces symbolic of Eddie bonding with multiple symbiotes

🔒 Superhuman Strength
🔒 Superhuman Durability
🔒 Superhuman Stamina
🔒 Accelerated Healing Factor
🔒 Genetic Memory
🔒 Offspring Detection
🔒 Wall-Crawling
🔒 Webbing Generation
🔒 Constituent-Matter Generation
🔒 ESP (Spider-Sense)
🔒 Immunity to Spider-Man's Spider Sense
🔒 Camouflage Capabilities
🔒 Poisonous Fangs
🔒 Stretching and Deforming
🔒 Power Mimicry/Absorption
🔒 Shapeshifting

🔒 Expert Reporter
🔒 Skilled Symbiote Hunter

🔒 Memories of Eddie Brock
🔒 Memories of Venom
🔒 Memories of Relationship w/ Spider-Man